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Municipio of Jatibonico

Monument to Ignacio Agramonte in Jatibonico, Camagüey, Cuba.
Monument to Ignacio Agramonte in Jatibonico

The municipio of Jatibonico is one of the nine municipios in the province of Camagüey, Cuba. It is located to the south and extreme west of the province. This municipio covers a surface of 1,418 square kilometers. It borders on the east with the Municipio of Ciego de Avila; to the south has coasts on the Gulf of Ana María in the Caribbean Sea; to the west the Las Villas province which it also borders on the north along with the Municipio of Morón.

Note: A "municipio" (plural: municipios) is the first political division of the provinces in Cuba. It is similar, in many ways, to the county or parish in which a state is divided in the United States.

Map of the Municipio of Jatibonico in Camagüey province in 1940.
Municipio of Jatibonico in Camagüey province

Population: The population of this municipio in 1953 was 20,978 persons.

Population of the Municipio of Jatibonico
Census 1943 1931 1919 1907
Population 18,383 16,329 10,911 3,808

Jatibonico, Camagüey, Cuba. Photo 2005.
Jatibonico, Camagüey, Cuba

Barrios: The "barrios" (singular: barrio) are similar to the electoral districs in which a county is divided in the United Sates.

The barrios of Jatibonico in 1943 were: Comandante Pío Cervantes, Coronel Justo Sánchez, General Tello Sánchez, General Veloso, Jatibonico and Victoria.

Population of the barrios in the Municipio of Jatibonico
Barrio 1943 1931 1919
Comandante Pío Cervantes 984 781 695
Coronel Justo Sánchez 3,007 2,422 1,322
General Tello Sánchez 3,974 3,435 1,807
General Veloso 2,072 2,137 1,388
Jatibonico 7,409 6,700 5,001
Victoria 937 854 698

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