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Municipio of Yateras

The Municipio of Yateras is one of the twenty two municipios in the province of Oriente, Cuba. This municipio covers a surface of 1,674 square kilometers.

Note: A "municipio" (plural: municipios) is the first political division of the provinces in Cuba. It is similar, in many ways, to the county or parish in which a state is divided in the United States.

Municipio of Yateras in the province of Oriente in 1940.

Population: The population of this municipio in 1953 was 31,516 persons.

Population of the Municipio of Yateras
Census 1943 1931 1919 1907
Population 25,614 25,112 15,378 11,026

Barrios: The "barrios" (singular: barrio) are similar to the electoral districs in which a county is divided in the United Sates.

The barrios of Yateras in 1943 were: Casimbas, Casisey Abajo, Casisey Arriba, Guayabal, Jamaica, Palmar, Río Seco, San Andrés, Sigual and Yateras.

Population of the barrios in the Municipio of Yateras
Barrio 1943 1931 1919
Casimbas 700 355 518
Casisey Abajo 517 411 589
Casisey Arriba 442 246 293
Guayabal 6,177 9,933 2,387
Jamaica 3,192 2,317 2,832
Palmar 2,621 2,240 1,272
Río Seco 5,906 3,895 3,582
San Andrés 2,832 2,315 1,029
Sigual 1,199 1,222 1,220
Yateras 2,028 2,178 1,656

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