Photos of Cuba - Artaud 1997 Gallery in Guije.

Photos of Cuba - Artaud 1997 Gallery
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Photos of Cuba

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Photos of Cuba - Artaud 1997 Gallery

These are the photos Mr. Artaud provided us to help in our efforts of showing Cuba as it is. These pictures were taken in 1997, although a small sample they are a fair reflection of Cuba at that time. To our understanding these are not professional shots, although much artistic taste is detected, they are basically the work of a person trying to capture whatever attracts his sight. This is the immense value of these photos, no bias in any direction, just Cuba as it is.

Gallery of Photos of Cuba
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Cojímar, small historic town on the northern coast of Cuba. Near Havana. Viñales, where nature and the evolution of Cuba is awesome. Near Pinar del Rio. Quinta Avenida. In Marianao, Havana, Cuba

Cuban Chinese,pride and honor of Cuba. Jose Marti, the Apostle of Cuba. Cuban National Capitol. In the city of Havana.

Plaza de la Catedral in Havana In Havana, Cuba Cuba country side

Miramar, Marianao Guantanamo Monument to the Students of Medice shot by the Spanish colonial government.

Havana Center (Down Town Havana) University of Havana Cuban Beaches

Signs in Havana Monuments in Havana, Cuba Colon Cementery in Havana

Buildings in Cuba Emerald Jungle Cuban Autos

In Pinar del Río Cuban Architecture On Havana Streets

Cuban Temples Colonial Havana Cuban Homes

Some Buildings in Cuba More Buildings Pictures of Cuba

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